About Cold Process Soap

Lather Goddess soap is made the old fashioned way, cold process! Each batch of soap is hand made with you in mind. Small batches allow for high quality ingredients, consistency and care for detail. Each bar is also hand cut and can vary slightly, making your soap bar even more unique. Essential oils used are of the highest grade and fragrances are always phthalate free.

*What is cold process hand made soap?

By combining oils, water and lye (sodium hydroxide) a chemical reaction called saponification happens. This is when fats/oils come into contact with lye (dissolved in water), produces heat and saponifies the ingredients creating glycerol and soap. Once saponification happens and the soap has curing time, there is no lye remaining in the soap.

*Why is there a cure time?

The soap is left to air dry for four to six weeks before selling to allow for any excess water to evaporate, creating a harder and longer lasting bar.

*How do I store my soap?

Before using your bar soap store in any dry and cool place such as your linen closet. Once using in the shower or bath, be sure to store your soap in a well draining dish and out of water in between uses.

*Note-If irritation occurs stop use.

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